I have no feet!

So this past week I decided that it was time to try out some different macaron recipes that I had come across. The authors claimed that these were ‘the one’, so of course to I had to try them out at least once.

In the spirit of honesty I decided that I would showcase not only my triumphs but my failures too. After all we’re all human and made mistakes.

The first batch that I made seemed too good to be true… and it was! The recipe claimed that the temperature and age of your eggs, letting the piped macarons sit on the counter before baking, and all the other little tricks we are told to follow, make no difference if we follow this recipe step by step.

I whipped up my meringue, mixed up my batter and piped out my shells and I have to tell you I had really high hopes.

I popped it in the oven and expectantly sat in front of the oven watching the macarons bake, waiting for the shells to rise and reveal the frilly little feet below. Unfortunately, this didn’t happen. Instead I had 2 trays of shiny little domes. Yes, excepted for a few cracks, they were baked to perfection with the crispy outside and lovely soft chewy inside BUT they had no feet!

So much for flop proof!

I did manage to get a few pretty shapes out though and figured out an easy way to pattern the macarons as well.

The next recipe was pretty much the same. Domes with no feet.

Finally after the 4th batch I decided that I would go back to my original tried and trusted recipe just to check if the problem was really with me.

The results, I think, speak for themselves.

Apart from being a bit wonky because i put the tray in a bit unevenly they were perfect.

The lesson I’ve learned 1 week and 3 new recipes later is… If it aint broke, don’t fix it!

I’ve been working on a selection for Diwali that I will post soon.


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