2013 !

I know that it’s a bit late but nonetheless …. Happy New Year!

January is almost drawing to a close which means we are officially into 2013. This year has started on a great note, starting firstly with some wonderful business opportunities and of course with The Food Market in Riverside that I have the privilege to be a part of.

The market is held in the Hellenic Community Hall in Riverside and is held on the last Saturday of every month from 8am to 1pm. If you haven’t been down yet, you really don’t know what you’re missing out on. All the products are locally produced and you can have anything from breads and pastries to fresh produce and even sit down for breakfast or lunch, and best of all my macarons đŸ™‚

I have to say that the best part about the markets is always the feedback that I get from customers and I have to say that this weekend I was left smiling from ear to ear. I have tendency to be very critical of myself and especially my macarons. The last thing I would ever want is for someone to walk away not getting the best product that I can deliver, because I myself would expect nothing less. So, when not one, but a few people, tell me that mine are the best macarons that they are yet to taste, my hearts fills with joy. It’s always good to know that months of trials and testing were worth it in the end.

I’ve been saying this alot but I do believe that 2013 is going to be a phenomenal year for Madame Macaron. I have a lot of plans that will be coming to fruition and I really cannot wait to dive in head first.

All I will say for now is watch this space!





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