Party Prep : Jasmin & Teyla’s 4th Circus Birthday Party

So I spent around 2 weeks pepping for the party but being the smarty pants that, I am I forgot to take photos of most of the stuff like the bunting I spent hours making and that got slaughtered by the wind but I do have these…

Cupcake Toppers ( a lot of tiny circles to cut out)

Washi taped tea spoons for the mini cups of cheese and macaroni

Marshmallows dipped in chocolate

These I had for the DIY party packs. Tubes filled with sweets, Koki pens, chalk, pencils and note pads.
The idea was for the kids to play the games that I had set up ( bobbing for apples, ring toss, hit the can, magnet fishing and taking a photo in the photo booth) and take a prize as they went along to fill up their goodie buckets but unfortunately the wind was horrendous and blew over everything that I set up so I ended up filling the buckets for the kids myself. They were all still happy, so so was I.

Candy Apples with a twist. I coated the apples in chocolate instead of toffee. Healthy and yummy and very easy to make.
Wash an apple, stick a stick in it, dip in chocolate and any other stuff like hundreds and thousands and enjoy 🙂

And of course macarons. I couldn’t not make any for my own kids party. They were red velvet and candy floss 🙂

I also made cupcakes, little cups of candy floss and caramel coated popcorn and themed juice bottles. Those I do have pictures of, set up on the day. That post will be coming tomorrow along with all the other pictures of Jasmin and Teyla’s birthday.


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