Madame Macaron at UpMarket Umhlanga

Yesterday was my first day at UpMarket in Umhlanga. It’s a lifestyle market that is held every Sunday from 9am to 2pm in the undercover parking lot of the Umhlanga shopping centre.

The market has a great range of products from jewellery and cellphone covers and clothing to savory and sweet food, and every vendor has their own sign board above the table so that you can find your favourites easily. And, it’s kind of awesome seeing your company name hanging up there 🙂


Every new market is a learning curve. The first week is usually a bit of a fumble, trying to figure out how much stock to make, the products that will sell well with this new set of clients and the setting up and breaking down of your space. I was lucky to have my sister there to lend a hand.

It did start out a bit slow but I think that may be because alot of people are still asleep at 9am on a Sunday! (I used to be one of them). It did however pick up and we both had a great time. For me, although it is tiring getting up at 5am and sitting at a market for 5 hours, the wonderful thing about markets is being able to actually meet and interact with people and get some feedback.

Here are the pictures from the market.
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20140303-100103.jpgLittle ol’ me at the market

20140303-100202.jpg The table all set up




xxx Viveshni

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