Macaron of the Month Box

This is your last week to put in your orders for The Macaron of The Month Box if you want delivery in July.

We’ll be adding a little something extra in watch box AND if you sign up for 6 months we will even give you a 7th month free!

2 thoughts on “Macaron of the Month Box

  1. Nicola viljoen says:

    My aunt. Irill van niekerk won a competition in May with your company and to date had not received any prize???? Bad marketing or innocent mistake – seems like the latter if the 2 because u even had her name up on a poster emailer saying congrats, so u could not have forgotten !!!

    • viveshni says:

      Hi Nicola.

      I have responded to your aunt’s comment on my Facebook page regarding the prize. It was a courier issue that affected a few of the boxes going out over the past 2 months. The ones that I knew of were replaced and the issue resolved. I had no idea that she had not received her prizes as I did notget feedback over the past 2 months to that effect. A box was sent out today for her and as I stated in my Facebook reply, it will reach her by Wednesday.

      I am very sorry for the inconvenience caused to her.


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