What happens when your brain stops working…

So, as of late, I’ve been very sleep deprived. Between being a full time mother and wife, full time business owner, baking time,personal time, craft time, social media time, and admin time, I’ve been a little short on the sleep time.

This past week I’ve been running on fumes a bit and it is now that it seems my brain decided to stop functioning.

I received an order from a regular customer last month. It was invoiced out, paid for and the order was written down on my calendar. (The calendar that I look at every day to plan ahead) So, including the email I received with the order, the invoice, the confirmation, the writing down on my calendar and the daily checking of the calendar, I must have seen the quantity that I had to bake at least 25 times since the order was placed.

I started on Wednesday, with my prep. Sifting, grinding, separating. I estimated that i would need to make 24 batches of macarons to fill the order of 660 macarons.

So many things went wrong when I finally started baking, and I could feel myself sinking, but I persevered and finally everything was on track.

At 9pm last night I did a finally tally of the macaron shells before filling and realized that I was 70 short on one of the colours.How this happened, I have no idea but I took a moment to recalculate and reset before diving back in.

It was in this time of reflection that I started doing a few calculations in my head and something did not seem right. The cost of the macarons that I was short exceeded the amount that was actually paid for the order. It slowly dawned on me that I made a mistake.


I rechecked my invoice and the order was for 66 and NOT 660 macarons.


My only explanation is that my brain stopped working. I cannot fathom another reason for making such a huge mistake, especially when I saw the amount and even wrote or typed it out so many times.

So, I have 594 macaron, that are thankfully not filled as yet. I’m going to look at this as an opportunity to make lemonade and I’ll be doing a Women’s Day giveaway.

I’ll be giving away a jar of 24 macarons worth R280.

What you will need to do to win is
1. Subscribe to my blog
2. Comment with your email address and on a time that your brain stopped working

I will post the winner tomorrow morning. Unfortunately because these are perishables, the competition is restricted to those in South Africa. However, if you think that my blog is amazing and you can’t live without it, you can still follow šŸ™‚

I hope that everyone has great plans for the weekend especially Women’s Day, and if you don’t I will be at The Play Market at Giba Gorge on Sunday so make a day of it and come visit and bring along any old kids books you may have to donate.


14 thoughts on “What happens when your brain stops working…

  1. Claire Norden says:

    Oh no! Haha, shame…all that extra hard work! My brain stops working quite frequently, but one occasion that was really bad was when I was invited to a friend’s birthday. I RSVP’d saying I would be there and I marked it on my calendar, but I somehow just didn’t put it all together! One of my other friend’s phoned on the night of the party and asked if I was going and I said yes I’ll be there. She sounded a bit confused then and asked what time I was coming then? And then it dawned on me….the party was that night and my friend who was phoning me was phoning FROM the party!!! So I quickly got ready and dashed there…talk about being fashionably late!!! haha!
    (I’ve followed your blog on bloglovin’ – hope that constitutes ‘subscribing’?)

  2. Amelia says:

    Yikes! Sleep deprivation is a merciless thing. I’m a new mum (18 weeks today, to be exact) so I know all about when my brain goes on strike.

    There have been a few instances but the scariest was when I was reversing my car out of the driveway to take our baby to the paed for his 6 week check up. We have a fairly steep incline on our driveway and my car was parked outside the garage. I put my car into reverse but it moved forward towards the closed garage door. Thinking I didn’t have enough momentum for the incline, I tried again. The car hurtled towards the door, just barely touching it. At this point, I’m a bit of a mess. I have my newborn in the back seat and no idea how to reverse without hitting the door. On the verge of total hysteria, I take a deep breath and decide to try once more. It was only at this point, did I see that I put my car into “drive” and not “reverse”!! What a feeling of shame and nervous relief when I found out. Needless to say, I always double check that now…no driving mishaps since!

  3. keauxblog says:

    Thank Goodness you made extra cause now some of us have a chance of winning and tasting your sweet soothing macarons! šŸ™‚

    The time when my brain literally stopped! Was during an exam season where as always I was so preoccupied with piles of paper and math textbooks. So when my mom asked me whether I was ready for the test on our way to school; I was like ‘What is 1 X 0 equal to again?’

    She shook her head and chuckled a bit. And I regretted what I said later on. Cause it was a bit rude! So yeah my brain was a bit off that day! :””’D

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