Out & About: Craft Workshop with Nadia van der Mescht

Anyone that knows me,knows that one of my obsessionsloves is crafting. When I was younger, childless, husband-less and there seemed like there were an infinite number of hours in the day, I would craft the entire day away. And sometimes even weekend.

These days I put all of my crafting inspiration into packaging the gifts for clients and friends and family, so when I read that Nadia van der Mescht was hosting a craft workshop with a focus on packaging I jumped at the opportunity.

It was held on 2 August 2014, the same day as the Cookie Swap, so I had a pretty full morning. The venue was the beautiful Benjamin hotel and as usual, Nadia had set up beautifully with craft supplies to make any crafter smile from ear to ear.

It was a great morning spent with like minded ladies, doing what we love to do and picking up some great tips and tricks from Nadia.





Here is what Nadia had to say about the workshop.


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