Monday Me: 01/09/2014

Happy Spring Day! It feels like it was yesterday that I did the last ‘On A Personal Note’ post and I’ve got a whole lot of catching up to do.. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m getting older, but the hours in the days, weeks and months seems to pass by in a blur. Today marks 4 months to 2014, that’s only 18 weeks until a whole year is over again.

I feel it most with Jasmin and Teyla. They will be turning 5 this year and starting Grade R in the new year. We received an invite from their future school, Chelsea Prep, a few weeks back to attend the Spring Walk. It happened this past Saturday on one of the coldest, windiest days ever. (or at least it felt like it) The girls had a blast though and we sat for what seemed like hours while they got their sand art on. They also played a ton of games and took 2 rides on the zip line.





The whole experience gave us a taste of what we are in for over the next 12 years. We did get to have Waffles On A Stick, so I’m not complaining 🙂



Going back a little further in the week we had the annual art evening to attend at the girls’ current school. We got to have a look at the kids’ artwork and make a little something to leave behind for them. Guess which was mine and which was Justin’s 😋



It was also my grandmother’s 84th birthday. She is such an amazing woman and such an inspiration to our entire family. We are thankful everyday that we still have her around to shower us with love and share her stories and cook us her delicious food.



Besides being Spring Day, today is a very special day for another reason. It was on this day 40 years ago that my parents started their lives together and took the first step to growing the family that we have today. I have learned so much from my parents about love, life and the importance of family. So Happy 40th Anniversary Papa and Mummy. We all love you both!




As for the rest of the week ahead, it’s going to be full of macaron making, old friend meeting and a little crafting if I can fit it in. The bulk of my time will most definitely go into planning the Cuppa For Cansa that I will be hosting. Details of that will be up very soon!

I hope that everyone has a wonderful September and that Spring brings with it a chance for new beginnings, love, sunshine and warmth into all out lives.

xxx Viveshni

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