Monday Me (on a Tuesday) : 16/09/2014

I will start off with the bad and end with the good. This post is late because we have some sadness in our family with the passing of my uncle, my father’s brother.

He was a very quiet and unassuming man, but always humble and although I didn’t get to spend that much time with him , the time that I did was always good. The passing of a family member is always a kind of wake up call for all of us, reminding us that we need to make sure that we treasure our loved ones while we have them. With the busy lives that we lead it is always so easy to say tomorrow without a second thought that we may not have a tomorrow with that person. So let’s cherish the moments with those close to our hearts with and remember to live our lives like everyday is the last.

So with the heaviness done this post is kind of a list of the catchup post that I will be putting up from the past 2 weeks.

Firstly the  Cuppa for Cansa that I’ve been planning. I just want to say though how excited I am about this event. This sold out before I had a chance to blog about it properly so that will be coming up.

Justin, the girls and I also attended the BMW International Polo event that was held in Shongweni. In short, it was awesome and a full post on it will follow. ( After the Revlon Cover Girl Workshop post of course.)

I going to keep this short and sweet. The plans for this week…. I’m leaving it a bit unplanned. I have a few orders including some for a Frozen themed party.

Have a great week!

xxx Viveshni

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