#PursueToSmile Challenge

I was nominated by the lovely Verushka of Spice Goddess for the Pursue To Smile challenge.

I think that the power of a smile is so underestimated today. I know that it doesn’t matter how bad a day I’ve had, a smile from Jasmin or Teyla can lift my spirits in an instance. Even a smile from a passer by can make a difference in your day. I even read somewhere that if you’re feeling a bit down you should smile and this will fool your brain into thinking
that you’re in a good mood and your mood will actually improve. How true this is I’m not sure, but it can’t hurt to try 🙂

So the way the challenge works is that you are suppose to

1. List 5 things that make you smile
2. Post a picture of you smiling
3. Nominate 2 or more people to be a part of the challenge
4. Tweet – I have taken on the #PursueToSmile Challenge.


The 5 things that make me smile

1. Top of the list will always be my family. Justin, Jasmin and Teyla. Being around them makes my heart happy even though they do drive me a bit nuts sometimes. ( I drive them equally nuts so it’s a good balance 🙂 )
Just last night the girls were looking at picture of me from a while back with a lot of make up on. So I asked if I looked better then with all the makeup and Teyla says ‘No Mummy, we love you just the way you are’. Then the 2 of them started singing Bruno Mars’ Just The Way You Are. Now. Who wouldn’t be able to smile at that!

2. The past 2 years have been filled with a lot of hard work and late nights and missed events but it’s all been worth it when I see how much my business has grown. So being able to get up every morning and do a job that I love and that I can pour all my creativity into makes me smile.

3. That my parents and my sisters and their husbands and kids and my grandmother aren’t more than 10 minutes away from my home. We may not be fixtures in each other’s houses but it’s good to know that they are close.

4. My amazing friends, who I mostly get to see about once a year because we all live in different provinces, but in those times that we are together it seems like no time has passed at all. I regard them more as sisters than friends and we all appreciate each other’s special type of insanity.

5. Connecting with new people. When my girls were first born and I quit my job to be a stay at home mum. I was suddenly in a little cocoon where I wasn’t meeting many new people. That’s changed and I love meeting new , genuine people and connecting and getting to try new things with them.

I’ve followed Verushka’s idea and posted a collage of smiles with all the people that were responsible for them.

I nominate Jane (@gijane_zn) , Annelise ( @AnneliseSingh), Namasha (@namz81) , Jane ( @Jane10net)

A smile is a powerful weapon, you can even break ice with it! -Unknown

xxx Viveshni

2 thoughts on “#PursueToSmile Challenge

  1. Sue says:

    Wow! I am so impressed with this post. Thank you taking on this challenge. My dream is to share more smiles around this world. A smile can change so many circumstances. I appreciate you effort that went into this.

    Regards Sue Levy
    Founder of the #PursueToSmile challenge.

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