Monday Me 22/09/2014

So here we are at Monday again! I feel like I blink and the weekend is over.
My trick to getting back into the swing of things on a Monday is a good song or a few good songs to get me in that get up and do it kind of frame of mind.

I usually have my mini playlist ready for my drive back home from dropping the girls off at school ( a whole 5minute drive ) and then I take 5minute just sitting alone in the car listening to the end of what ever is playing.

This Monday’s playlist included
Boss – Fifth Harmony { I remember seeing them on The X-Factor and do I love this song! }
Love Never Felt So Good – Michael Jackson & Justin Timerlake { This song just puts me in a good mood}
All About That Bass – Meghan Trainor { Beside the old school vibe of the song, I love the message about beauty and self esteem. And obviously it’s a cute catchy tune and some awesome meme-able verses.}






Jasmin and Teyla had their very first ever sleep over on Friday night. I really think that Justin and I were more nervous than them. They packed their own bags and where all set. Jasmin wanted to stay an extra night but we compromised by having their cousin come stay over with us instead. Our little girls are growing up! I’m just not sure of how ready we are for it.


My memory has been shocking. Well, it has always been bad but recently it’s on a whole new level. I was chatting to my aunt about it and she suggested having a teaspoon of coconut oil every morning. She also has memory issues and it is working for her so I guess that it’s worth a shot. Ever since i was little I knew the benefits of coconut oil for my hair but I never imagined that it went so much further. I will report back on how it’s going and if I think it really works. (If I remember to!šŸ˜‹)


Purtassi, the month long fast for Tamil and Telegu speaking Hindus started on the 17th. Verushka does a nice breakdown of what the fast is all about in this post. Due to the fact that we have had a death in our family we will not be observing the fast but to all those who are, all the best. May it be a blessed time for you.


Heritage Day is this week and the girls will be dressing up in traditional clothes to school tomorrow. My family will also for the the first time be braaing on National Braai Day, since we will not be fasting.

We can all whoop whoop at a 4 day week! Have a great week ahead and if you’re having a downer day remember to put on your favourite song and let it work it’s magic. And if that fails, have a macaron, they make everything better šŸ˜‰

XXX Viveshni

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