Out & About: The Good Food & Wine Show #GFWS2014

So, what s so great about the Good Food and Wine Show?  Well, in my opinion, everything!

It really is a foodie’s dream come true. Great food, great products and amazing local and international chefs all under one roof and all accessible for the price of a ticket.

I was lucky enough to be given 2 tickets to the show and I coerced Justin into coming along with me as my photographer and carrier of purchased goods 🙂

The setup was very good. The stands were not squashed together so it was easy to navigate the show without having to squeeze past people. And even though it was pouring with rain on the Sunday when we attended, the show was buzzing.

Like I said there were many awesome chefs at the show, and because we could not get to every one, we opted to see Hayden Quinn (Masterchef Australia, Hayden Quinn SA – SABC 3), Reza Mahammed (The Spice Prince_ The Food Network) and Mauro Castano (Cake Boss).

Hayden was up first. He has such an easy relaxed style of cooking that makes you feel like it’s not that hard to make delicious food. First up he made a roasted tomato tart with anchovies and puff pastry. I went up to get a piece and thankfully got no anchovies! It was delicious! I have to give a special thank you to Justin for sitting in the aisle for most of the show just to get me some good shots.


Hayden pointing to me lol


That’s me casually strolling across the stage


A close up of Hayden


Getting my book signed

IMG_6094 IMG_6397

The queue to get my book signed was a bit on the long side so it was straight in to see Reza after that.

I have to say that I have a new appreciation for this man and his skills as not only an entertainer but also chef. His flamboyant mannerisms make him so endearing and everyone hung on his every word. he even managed to throw on a little history lesson on Indian cuisine for us all.


Even Mauro came out to watch and sat right next to us. Justin had a bit of a paparazzi moment.


Reza made stuffed quail with jeweled rice. Believe me when I say that it smelled amazing. So good in fact that it brought Hayden out as well and there was tasting going on with all 3 chefs on stage.

IMG_6287A bit of a photo fail :p

A bit of a photo fail :p


I had to add this photo in! Poor Reza was accosted by a fan who desperately wanted a photo with him. A couple of ladies jumped at the opportunity as well.I think the look on Reza’s face says it all.

IMG_5976Last up in our show lineup was Mauro Castano, right hand man and brother-in-law to Buddy, the Cake Boss.

Being a baker myself I really enjoyed this. He chatted to everyone about how to handle fondant and not to be afraid of it, and make a lovely summer themed cake. He also demonstrated how to pipe buttercream roses. He made it look so easy and simple, until he has some volunteers, including Reza, come up and try and fail hilariously.


Obviously I got a signed book!IMG_6369 IMG_6396Once the shows were done we had a chance to finally walk around the show properly.

A big up to Mishal Mookrey for hosting the MCing the shows in the celebrity theatre. He did a great job of bridging the gap between the chef and the audience.

The highlights for me were definitely:

  • Wicked Donuts!



  • Sugar Tree – Have you ever walked past a place and then had a smell fill your brain and pull you back. That’s what happened here. The aroma of vanilla, cinnamon and sugar was irresistible and they tasted delicious as well.

IMG_6382 IMG_6401

  • Balsamic Beads – Little beads that look like caviar but are actually balsamic vinegar – Genius!
  • Kishmish – I love their cordials!
  • Scoop Me S’mores – Cookie- Ice Cream Sandwhiches… Yes please!
  • Arriba Chocolates – Look at the selectionIMG_6379

There were other stands for kitchen gadgets  and other services and just about anything food related that you may want.

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and the only thing I would do differently and  suggest to anyone visiting next year is to make it a 2 day visit. There are so many great things to do and see and its hard to get it all in on 1 day, especially if you want to see all the chefs in action.

I’m looking forward to next year already!

Good Food & Wine Show

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