Monday Me : 03/11/2014

Last week I had decided not to take on any orders because I basically needed a break. There comes a time sometimes when you know that if you don’t take a time out you’re going to burn out.

I really enjoyed the time. I got up to date with all my admin i.e replied to all my emails and sent out all my invoices. Planned my schedule for November and blogged my booty off.( not literally, though I wish it worked like that! ) Ok, so I technically didn’t take a real break from work but I did get to just sit my Justin and the girls and do nothing in the evenings which is something I’ve missed, since my work brain is permanently switched on these days. Also the fact that I didn’t have a cellphone for the week may have helped also.

Justin and I celebrated our 6year anniversary on Friday & Saturday. You probably wonder why 2 days. Well… we had our marriage ceremonies ( yes 2, 1 Hindu and 1 Christian) on the 31 October and our reception was on 1 November. So we make the most of it and celebrate on both days. He are some pictures from 6 years ago.

We went to see Tumi Morake at Suncoast on Friday night with my sisters and their husbands. I absolutely love that woman and I cannot sing her praises enough! She is so uncensored and you feel like you’re sitting and listening to one of your friends when she’s on stage. She was worth every cent and if you haven’t had a chance to see her I recommend you go the next time she’s in your town. I recently went to see another very well known “daywalking” comedian ,and personally, if it was a battle, Tumi would come out on top.

On Saturday we had a lovely lunch at Havana Grill in Suncoast as well. The food and service were amazing and I’ve got a review post lined up all about it. I did feel dweeby taking pictures of our food before we ate but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do 🙂

Justin’s birthday is this Wednesday and it kicks off the birthday season in our family. We have one party a weekend and 2 on the last weekend, one of which is Jasmin and Teyla’s. There are 8 birthdays in total in my immediate family so it’s a very busy and expensive month especially since it’s also the run-up to Christmas. It all ends with my birthday in December and I’ll be 33 this year. I feel like I’m owning my 30s so I’m looking forward to it!

October was a phenomenal month and I have higher hopes for these last 2 months of 2014. Let’s all support the guys doing the Movember challenge and have an awesome November!


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