Monday Me 17/11/2014 : Better Late Than Never!

As I write 11 in the date for the title I actually find it hard to believe that this is where we are in the year already! It’s less than a month to my birthday ( woohoo) but I’m going to have to work through it ( not so woohoo ) but at least I’ll have some spending money for after (woohoo).

So here’s what’s been happening. We’ve gotten through Justin’s birthday, my mother’s birthday and yesterday was my nephew Tanishk’s birthday. He’s a big cupcake lover, in fact I think that all he sees when I walk in is cupcakes and macarons 🙂 So, I made this giant cupcake for him.


Jasmin and Teyla’s first school concert was on last Wednesday as well. It was so well put together and our little girls made us so so proud. We took about a hundred photos, so I will share some of those soon.

We still have my niece Ascharya’s birthday coming up on the 25th and then the girls on the 30th. Party planning has begun and the girls are having a superhero themed party this year. Although my venue of choice closed its doors this year, we were lucky to get a booking at the Treehouse in Gateway.

Now if all of that didn’t sound like enough, the girl’s ballet showcase is on the 28th and 29th of November. This means extra lessons in the week and 2 nights for Justin and I watching the show. Not to mention their karate grading on the 26th. I’m tired already just thinking about it all! I will have to stock up on the Berocca for sure.

I’m happy to announce that I will have a table at the KZN Christmas Market, in Kloof, that runs from 16 – 21 December 2014 . I love the concept of the market. All the items will have barcodes and you can walk through and browse and choose at your leisure. There is no direct selling like a regular market so you can buy what you really want and need without any pressure. At the end take all your items to the till and make 1 payment for everything. Needless to say that’s going to take a lot of prep but I’m really looking forward to putting together the Christmas themed items.

Lets make the most of these last days of 2014.! Here’s what I’m looking forward to…

13 Days to Jasmin and Teyla’s Birthday

14 Days to December

19 Days to the #SpiceGoddessEvent

24 Days to My Birthday ( you can work out the date and wish me on the day 😉 )

38 Days to Christmas

45 Days to 2015!

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