Happy New Year Beautiful People #2015

2014 was a memorable year for me both personally and professionally.

Madame Macaron has grown in leaps and bounds over the past year and I still feel honoured by every order that comes through that that client has seen the value in my work. There have been moments when I’ve felt like throwing in the towel but with the support of my family and friends I have persevered and haven’t looked back. This blog has grown from just 292 views and 17 visitors when I began in 2012 to 20,822 views and 8,936 visitors in 2014. I am thankful for each and every person that takes the time to read my posts. I find it crazy sometimes that the small idea that I had to make a macaron 3 years ago has turned into this life changing experience for me.

I spent a great deal of last year letting go of the bad to make way for the good. I learned many life lessons and have come through as a stronger person. I watched my beautiful children turn 5 and change from being my babies into my little girls. I also met some amazing new people and reconnected with some old and dear ones. There have been many ups and downs but nothing that I would ever change because each experience has taught me something about myself and helped me grow.

For 2015, I’m scrapping the list of new years resolutions and I’m  deciding to just be the best version of myself that I can be.

I have high high hope for this New year and great plans for my business. I was reading another blog and the writer asked what our word for the year was. It’s not something I’ve ever though about but it seemed like a pretty good idea, so I sat for a while and thought about it and my word for 2015 is


This year I will not let anyone, most especially me, limit my potential by telling me that I cannot do something. There are a limitless number of possibilities out there and 2015 is filled to the brim with them.

I hope that you all have the kind of year that you are hoping for and that you can find something to smile about each and every day.

Here are some of my highlights from 2014…

signature sign off




Photo credits: dubemmenakaya.com / pastors.com /www.lovewarriorcommunity.com/ headspace.com

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