Monday (Wednesday) Me : A New School, A New Weigh & A New Me

So, this past week my 2 babies girls started Grade R. I’m still a little in denial that they are growing so quickly before my eyes and soon won’t be needing me as much as they do now. While my holiday officially ended the previous Monday, I was on a bit of a go-slow with them being at home and still in holiday mode, but this week was full steam ahead. I think that it will take them a bit of time to adjust from the Montessori way of teaching to a completely scheduled day, but if the 1st week is anything to go by, I think that that they will be just fine.


In keeping with my New year resolution to be the best version of myself, I’ve started the A New Weigh –  Fat To Fit Challenge. It is a programme and challenge created by Gaelyn Cokayne, who, working with a medical doctor, personal trainer, psychologist and nutritionist, put together an eating plan and workout schedule to help people finally reach and maintain their goal weight by eating real food and without the use of pills and shakes.


The great thing is that during the 12 weeks of the challenge there is a small community of people supporting and encouraging each other on a dedicated Whatsapp group and Facebook page. Having completed a week in the challenge I think that this support from the other participants and from Gaelyn, who herself has lost an incredible 35kgs, is one of the key factors that make this such a great programme to follow. There is someone to answer your questions and provide support and encouragement when you feel yourself slipping. It’s different people, leading different lives, but with the same goal and experiencing the same difficulties.

As for the food. All I will say is that I’ve been on this weight loss road for most of my life and I have never had a menu as easy to follow as this. My meals have been filling, satiating and above all yummy. Because really… chicken, rice and potato  or even better pizza for dinner on diet! Yes please!!



So with one week over and my first weigh in done…

My weight loss for the week is: 2.2kgs
Cm lost: 22.5cm ( I measured 3x to be sure)

Woohoo! I have been walking and sitting much like a geriatric since heading back to the gym but I’m focused and determined to make a positive and permanent change. Here’s to the next 11 weeks 🙂

This blog will also be undergoing a few changes. Now that the girls are older and I’m spending more time with other adults, doing things that adults do, I’m going to be including more than just food posts on the blog and rebranding to make it more of a lifestyle blog, so that it encompasses more of my interests apart from the goodies that I bake. The sales part of Madame Macaron will move to, but there will still be a link here.
It is a work in progress,so it will take a while for the changes to take full effect and I hope that you enjoy the new direction.

Please let me know what you think of the pending changes.

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