Monday Me

So I watched the most beautiful movie on Mnet last night called About Time. It was about a guy who discovers that, like his father, he can travel back in time. He uses this ability to relive days and moments to recreate his life ,and get the girl and his happily ever after. There were a few tears from me and I was genuinely touched by the movie and connected with the characters. The movie was gentle, if you understand what I mean. In the midst of a line up of fast paced modern romances with gratuitous nudity and sex, this was a love story between a man and all the people in his life. If you haven’t watched it yet, best you get pvr’ing.

My takeaway was that we should be enjoying the beauty in each day and the moments that fill it rather than rushing through. That has been one of my objectives for the year and maybe that’s why it resonated with me.

That’s past 2 weeks have been crazy for me and I thinks it’s time I slow my roll and enjoy life. As you know I’m participating in the Fat 2 Fit challenge and every Monday is the official weigh and measure day. I missed last week’s Monday Me post but to catch you up, my loss last week was 0.5kgs and 12.5cm.

This week it’s 1.2kgs and 6cm. So in total, after 3 full weeks, it is 3.8kgs and 41cm! Slow and steady wins the race but this is one time I don’t mind being a loser 🙂

Valentines Day is less than a week away and I’ll be sharing a recipe on how to make delicious red velvet brownies as well as how to make a cupcake bouquet. For those of you who are not into DIY gifts you can also take your honey out for a night on the town and I have the scoop on some great Valentine specials.

I hope you all have a wonderful week and always remember that you don’t have to wait until Valentines Day to show the people in your life that you care.

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