The Valentines Day That Was { 2015 }

Valentines Day is always a flurry of hearts and chocolate and this year was no different. I love delivering the Valentine orders myself, mostly because I love seeing the reaction of the recipient when they’re surprised by their loved ones.

The best delivery for me was the very last one that I did on Saturday. I was asked by a very thoughtful wife to deliver one of our Valentine Boxes to her husband, as she and her kids would be away on Valentines Day. I arrived at the business and asked for her husband, who looked so confused and evidently ( from his stern look and tone of voice) a little suspicious as well. On my way out I eavesdropped someone asking him if he knew who the gift was from and he said ” Yes, my wife, but she’s away so I don’t know”. As I turned back before exiting I saw him read the attached card and the smile across his face was priceless. It really is little moments like that, that make my day.

Valentines Day has evolved for me over the years ,and especially since having children, into a day that’s less about romantic love but into sharing in our family love. The way the we spent the day was by taking the girls to their 1st rugby match at The Shark Tank. It was a great experience for them and aside from a little fussing ( they are only 5 after all ), it was a great Valentines Day.

Here’s a glimpse of the Valentine’s Day that was for me. How did you spend your Valentines Day?

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