What does Lindt have in store for us this Easter?

I’m not sure about you, but in our household Easter has become synonymous with the LINDT Easter Bunny and the jingle of the little bell around it’s neck as the kids (and adults) rip off that beautiful gold foil to get to the delicious milk chocolate inside.

The story behind the Lindt bunny is actually a cute one of someone just being an awesome dad. It was first created in 1952 by a LINDT Master Chocolatier after his son became mesmerised by a small bunny in their garden, which scampered off never to return.  In order to cheer up the distraught boy, the Master Chocolatier fashioned the first ever LINDT GOLD BUNNY from the finest LINDT milk chocolate, fastening a golden bell to his neck with a red ribbon to ensure he never got lost. I think that we can all thank that little boy and his dad for helping to bring these bunnies into our lives.

LINDT is giving us all the opportunity to be amazing parents, just like their Master Chocolatier was all those years ago, by setting up an Easter egg hunt in their Lindt Gold Bunny Gardens where kids can fill up their baskets with delicious Lindt treats. The recommended age group is 4 – 10 yrs old,so I suggest you get on your kids good side, so that they share some of their spoils.What makes it even better though is that it’s free!

Lindt-Easter-Key-Visual-Landscape small

Take note of the dates and information below so you don’t miss out.

Durban: 24 – 27 March 2016 (Easter Weekend)

  • 9am – 7pm on Thursday, 9am – 9pm on Friday and Saturday, 9am – 6pm on Sunday
  • Garden Court, Gateway Theatre of Shopping, No 1 Palm Boulevard, Umhlanga Ridge New Town Centre


Johannesburg: 19 – 21 March 2016

  • 9am – 8pm on Saturday and Monday, 9am – 6pm on Sunday
  • Mr Price 2 Court, Sandton City, Corner Rivonia Road and Sandton Drive, Sandton Centre

Cape Town: 19-21 March 2016

  • 9am – 7pm on Saturday and Monday. 9am – 5pm on Sunday
  • Col’Cacchio Court, Cavendish Square, 2nd Floor Dreyer Street, Claremont

But wait, there’s more! ( This part really makes me wish I lived in Joburg or Cape Town)

If you are one of the lucky people in Cape Town or Johannesburg, the LINDT Chocolate Studios are offering the chance for you to bring the magic of Easter alive with this fun and interactive class, exclusively brought to you by their passionate Lindt Master Chocolatiers. First mould your very own official Lindt GOLD BUNNY followed by artistically creating and decorating an indulgent chocolate garden all made with the finest Lindt Chocolate.

The class costs R200 and is approximately 1 hour long.

For more information on the class, visit www.chocolatestudio.co.za

I will definitely be at the Easter Egg Hunt with my girls in tow! Will you be there?




#CoveredIsCool: The Big Reveal – My Final Look

Drum roll please……


A special thank you once again to all the sponsors involved and especially Jared and Zuki for making me feel so comfortable during the photoshoot even while dislocating hips and shoulders 🙂


It really was a special day that I hope I  to have many more of with these phenomenal women.

If you missed the behind the scenes action you can catch up here .


If you would like to see how the other beautiful ladies looked in the single shots of their final looks ( and trust me you do!), head over to their blog using the links below.


Also show some love for the sponsors

XXX Viveshni

#CoveredIsCool – Behind The Scenes

There are times in life when you know that you know that you are a part of something amazing, creating memories that will stay with you for many years to come. I was privileged to be a part of a blogger collaboration, spear headed and envisioned by Faeema, the fresh and always on trend voice and beautiful face behind The Sparkling Labyrinth and Jane  Kilian ,the ass shaper and dream maker that is GI Jane, personal trainer and fitness expert, and also the entrepreneurial brain behind It’s A Bling Thing & Mielie Meisie.

The aim of the colab was to do a photo shoot to highlight that fact that in modern society less is not always more and that regardless of age, culture or race, covering up and displaying some modesty can in fact be cool. The other bloggers involved beside Faeema, Jane and myself were Inge Loker (The creator and sharer of the most delicious recipes on her blog Snap, Sizzle & Cook, and also the coolest pastor’s wife and mother I have ever met), and last but not least Mbali Ndlovu (A ball of energy and joy that can light up a room, and who is of course the voice of the blog Ms.MB)

Fashion bloggers we are not, but the amazing team that Faeema and Jane put together really did make us feel right at home in the fashion blogosphere. All egos were left at the door, though to be honest I don’t think that anyone had any diva qualities to begin with, and we spent the morning transforming to embody the concept of covered is cool. In society today people are quick to judge that which they do not fully understand and being covered is is misconceived as being oppressed. In my mind it is really an expression of a female empowerment and  her choice not to expose every single inch of her body a la Kardashian. Personally I was excited to try a hijabi and I have often admired Muslim ladies and the different simple and elaborate ways that they are able to style a scarf. I loved wearing the scarf and I think that all the ladies looked amazing in their different styles. In the end I simply felt beautiful and confident.

The amazing team of sponsors included;


  • Wardrobe Styling by Jane and Faeema

I’m excited to share my final look tomorrow as well as the links to the other bloggers who share their own experience and final looks on their blogs.

xxx Viveshni

Up, Up and Away… The Media Launch- Madame Macaron at The Dirty Fork

There are times in your life that things seem to fall into place and the signs are all around you, nudging you into new and amazing directions. This year has been one of those times for me. I sometimes, in my rare times of quietness, sit back and marvel at everything that has happened. Building a business is much like a stream etching its way through a mountain until it can become a strong flowing river. It requires patience and perseverance and hard work and there are points where it seems like you will never get there, but little by little you work through it and come out wiser and stronger. I went through a great many rough spots where I felt like throwing in the towel but standing at the front of the kitchen at my very own launch made me so grateful that I stuck it out.

Months of planning finally came to fruition this past Thursday at the official launch of my classes at The Dirty Fork Studio. Thank you to media that attended. I had an amazing, fun time with all of you.

A special thank you to Nadine from The Candy Buffet Company as well for setting up the most adorable candy cart to display all my goodies and to Chef Jacqui Brown for envisioning and creating a venue like the Dirty Fork Kitchen where people can share their passion for food.

A final thank you to my family, who have gone wife-less and mother-less for many days and nights while I toiled away. It is only the beginning of my journey and there is still a long road ahead but I am thankful everyday for such an amazing support system. I love you guys!

The class information and dates have been published here so go to book and I will see you there!

Here are some of the 500+ photos that Justin took on the night…

All set…

During The Class…


Photos From Social Media

Here are 2 of the lovely write ups by Nicola Meyer ( RunOn Coffee) and Inge Loker ( Snap,Sizzle and Cook) about their experience at the Media Launch for the Macaron Classes

xxx Viveshni

Megan Deane Shares My Recipes for Lamb Breyani & A Delicious Chocolate Cake

As you will know, since you are obviously an avid reader of my blog and have followed or subscribed, I recently attend a lunch for Mother’s Day with a Twist, hosted by Megan Deane and as promised here is her post on the event that shares my recipe for lamb breyani as well as the best chocolate cake recipe you will ever have. If you do try the recipes out, please share with me how they turned out!

 You will find it here http://stuffedfeeling.co.za/2015/05/lamb-breyani-and-chocolate-cake/

If you have a look around Megan’s blog, you will also find posts about the other lovely ladies that attended and the recipes for the great food that they brought with.

xxx Viveshni

Whats’s For Dinner with J’Something & Knorr {Cooking Class in Johannesburg}

Do you ever see these amazing events that are scheduled and can’t wait to book and then realize that it’s in a different city?  Well, when I saw that J’something ( Micasa ) was hosting a cooking class in association with Knorr, I was initially excited, then I was thoroughly bummed that they were being held in Johannesburg and not Durban. Luckily I have one of my oldest and bestest friends living in Gauteng and she has allowed me to experience these events vicariously through her!

Here’s what Namasha had to say about the event… ( You can follow her on Twitter @namz81 )


I had the pleasure of attending the first Knorr What’s For Dinner cooking class with J’Something of Mi Casa. Now when initially asked by Madam Macaron to attend, the fan girl in me immediately said yes! It’s J’Something!..and of course my girlfriends agreed to join me.


Now let me clarify… I love eating…love watching cooking shows… But by no means am I skilled in the kitchen. I’m a cereal and sandwich kinda girl living on my own. Very rarely am I inspired to whip up something amazing.

I arrived at Pick n Pay Good Food Studio ready to get my food on! The evening kicked off with a couple of gremlins in the stove causing a slight delay in getting things going. This however allowed for playful banter with the audience which added to a fun relaxed evening. First up on the menu a yummy Home Style Chicken Stew(Click here for the recipe). All recipes were provided in a nifty little recipe book provided by Knorr that made it easy to follow along as our “chef” whipped up an easy but tasty chicken stew, telling us little stories about his mom’s cooking as well as little tips and tricks to get the best out of your cooking. From how to easily slice and dice an onion to using brown sugar to cut the acidity from tomatoes and cooking rice in the microwave, this novice cook was taking it all in!


With a little break in between the two dishes for the night, the girls and guys got to mingle and chat with J’Something and pop in a selfie or two, all while sipping on complementary bubbly and juice.


Next up…a French Loaf with Cheesy Mince and Mushrooms ( Click here for the recipe)…the ever popular sub, made to look so simple.The best part of this dish was a Bolognaise, dry cook-in-sauce made with sustainably grown tomatoes. Nature’s goodness in a little baggie that makes life easy when making a Bolognaise…so easy that even I was able to recreate this dish!


My last fan girl moment was meeting Seline van der Wat of Masterchef SA fame!😃 After the customary selfie and my raves about Madame Macaron’s Macaron Classes (Have you signed up?)

Finally,it was time to call it a night and collect my goodie bag compliments of Knorr. What I loved most about this evening was that it reminded me that no matter how crazy your day is, with a couple of fresh ingredients and a helping hand from Knorr anything is possible for dinner.

Get all the recipes and more on Knorr’s What’s For Dinner website.

Sign up with SA Culinary Club to find out when is the next cooking class with Knorr and JSomething… R200.00 well spent even if you are a Masterchef!😉

A Mothers Day Lunch With A Twist Hosted by Megan Deane

There are few things better than good food with good company, especially if you are a food blogger. Megan Deane ( Stuffed Feeling ) put these key elements together along with a beautiful venue to host her ‘Mother’s Day With A Twist’ lunch this past Saturday.

I, along with Inge Loker ( Snap,Sizzle,Cook), Verushka Ramasami ( SpiceGoddess), Shirley Berko ( Cuizine Durban) and Nicola Meyer (Run On Coffee) were welcomed into Megan’s home. This lunch tradition was created by Megan in honour of her Mom, who is no longer with us, but was an amazing hostess, so I think it is a definitely a beautiful way to pay tribute.

The brief was that we were to bring along a dish or 2 that had been passes down to us by our mothers. My mind swirled a bit trying to choose the perfect dish and after much deliberation I decided on my lamb breyani as well as a chocolate cake. My mothers breyani is always something that brings back happy memories of the family being together from the time that I was little ,and it’s one of the first recipes of hers that I mastered, so I think it was a fitting choice. The chocolate cake, well I chose that because my sisters and I were lucky enough to have our mother be a ‘stay at home mum ‘ aka Domestic Executive, and I remember coming home from school everyday to something new that she had baked from jam squares to cakes and scones, so the recipe that I used was a twist on the hot milk sponge passed down to her from my grandmother.

The weather was beautiful and perfect for an outdoor lunch. There is an unspoken understanding between food bloggers that you take photos before you touch the food, and boy was there a great range of food to photograph. On the menu was starters of meatballs with the most delicious dipping yoghurt, jalepenos (my fav!) stuffed with cheese, wrapped in bacon, battered and fried (I don’t think I really need to elaborate on how Ahmazing they were) and loaded potato skins. The mains were the lamb breyani including sambals and sour milk salad that I had made, a vegetable lasagne from Nicola, butter paneer and savoury rice from Verushka, french steaks from Megan and coronation chicken from Inge. The desserts were the chocolate cake, rolly pollies ( love that name ) from Inge, cute animal shaped cookies from Nicola and a crepe dish from Shirley. Needless to say it did feel a lot like Christmas lunch and we were thoroughly stuffed by the end of it as Megan had predicted.

I was so happy and honoured to have spent an afternoon with these lovely ladies, chatting and eating (and eating some more) and a special thank you to Megan for being such a gracious hostess and putting together such a wonderful lunch.

The recipes will be up on Megan’s blog Stuffed Feeling, so I will share once they are posted.I will also finally be kicking off the Blogger Recipe Series this Friday with a most decadent and delicious recipe from Megan and I have a guest post on the cooking classes held by Knorr and J-Something in Johannesburg.

If you haven’t made your plans for Mother’s Day, there are still seats available for the Macaron Class and High Tea. Go here to book -> Classes

Have a happy week!


The Inaugural Macaron Class

Taking a leap of faith is always a scary business, especially when its wok related. The sweet taste of success, though, is all the more better when it all works out:)

The decision to start doing lessons was something that I deliberated over for a very very long time. I had my moments of self doubt and anxiety, but ultimately I realized that I am good at what I do and I love sharing my passion with others. So that is just what I did! I had the aprons and tote bags printed, the note books made and sent out the booking information for the classes.IMG_5360IMG_5451IMG_5404-0IMG_5355-0

My first class took place last Saturday ( 11 April 2015) at The Dirty Fork Kitchen Studio in Durban North. Let me start by saying that the kitchen is AHmazing! Although it was not 100% smooth sailing ( teething problems are inevitable), it was, in my eyes, a great success. My goal was to create the type of class that I would want to attend. So a relaxed, fun and informative environment. I was lucky to have an amazing group of enthusiastic and fun ladies who were ready to learn and not shy to ask questions.

While waiting for the macarons to rest and then come out of the oven the ladies were treated to a presentation by Kirsty-Anne from Peg&Pencil who showed us all a few great ideas on how to gift our macarons.The gift packs that she has put together are amazing and made the stationery addict in me squeal in delight! I mean, how can you not love the macaron gift tags! She is seriously talented so go check out her website.


After some coffee, tea, cupcakes and macarons ,and of course some chatter, the ladies were ready to get their macarons out of the oven and the results were phenomenal. For many of the ladies, this was their first time making macarons, but they had beautiful feet and lovely shiny shells (yay!!). Everyone had a chance to get in touch with their inner child and decorate their macarons.(something that is a favourite activity of mine.)


We never really know what the future holds for us, we can only keep an eye on the prize and work toward it. Teaching the class was awesome and the look on the ladies’ faces when they had their perfect macarons at the end makes me wish that I could do a class every day. All in all it was a fabulous morning. I had an amazing time imparting my knowledge to the ladies that attended and I’m looking forward to the next class on the 25th.

The next class is next Saturday, 25 April. There are 3 seats left if you would like to learn the art of macaron making and have fun while doing it. There is also a special interactive Mother’s Day demo class and High Tea on 9 May 2015 and on the drawing board are classes on macaron fillings, novelty macarons, cake baking and cupcakes.

I will be doing a follow up post on the feedback from the ladies that attended the class as well as one showcasing the amazing set up by Kirsty-Anne and the styled photo shoot that she did using my macarons.

Also use #MMacaronClass to see what else happened at the class and to checkout future classes!


Photo credit: Featured photo – Peg&Pencil