Bookings Are Open For The Macaron Classes

Did you hear… It’s no April’s Fool Joke… Bookings are open for the Macaron Classes.

11 April is almost fully booked but there are still 3 spaces available for now. There are 8 spaces for the 25th. If you have a group of friends, why not make a group booking for the 2-5pm slot!

Book here and avoid disappointment! I can’t wait to see you there!


xxx Viveshni

Fry’s Family Food, Chef Jacqui Brown and #FOODMADEGOOD

I’m going to honest with you, I’ve never been a fan of soya products. It may be because of my varsity days when a quick meal for dinner on the days that I was vegetarian meant a couple of soya hotdogs in the frying pan, tomato sauce and bread. Not the most imaginative or inspiring dish at all. So, believe me then when I say that I have been converted! A week ago I attended the Fry’s Family event hosted by Chef Jacqui Brown at The Ginja Kitchen Studio in Durban North. The event turned my idea of Fry’s food on it’s head when we were welcomed with amazing appetizers that left everyone saying mmmm after every bite, and marveling at the fact that they were all vegan.

After brief introductions,a bit of mingling and being informed that we would be doing the cooking ( surprise!), we all headed into the kitchen space. The kitchen is  any foodie’s dream space, with steel tables, top of the line gas ovens and a wall full of all the gadgets you could want or need to use.

With the wine flowing, help from the chefs and a little humour from The Fry’s Guy, we split into groups of 3 and got cooking. On the menu was Fry’s Schnitzel and Creamy Mushroom Parcels with Mediterranean Vegetables. I have to say that the recipe is so easy to follow. Between the Instagramming, Tweeting and selfies, we managed to put up what was a pretty delicious meal.

If you’ve been living under a rock or in a carnivorous haze and have no idea about Fry’s Family Food, allow me to enlighten you. Their tagline, ‘ Its not just what we put into our food that makes it good, its what we leave out ‘ say it all. Fry’s products are free of MSG, Preservatives, Artificial Colourants, Cholesterol, Trans Fats, Hormones and Antibiotics. Their products are made from grains and legume and contain all 8 essential amino acids, making them a complete protein.This family owned company has 27 vegan products that are in stores in 20 different countries around the world. I think that they must be doing something right, don’t you?.

Fry’s is running a competition. Simply buy any box of Fry’s and SMS the word Frys and the last four digits on their barcode to 33711 ( e.g. Frys1256). Entrants will be entered into a weekly lucky draw to win a feast with a gourmet chef for themselves and nine friends at the Ginja Kitchen Studio worth R5000. The competition runs from the 15th of February 2015 at 7am to the 15th of May 2015 at 12pm so don’t miss out!

The evening was topped off with a delicious Litchi and Gin sorbet courtesy of the Chef and we were each given a little goodie bag to take home with us.

Thank you to Fry’s Family and Chef Jacqui Brown for an amazing evening. It was great fun and definitely good food with good company. The Dirty Fork Studio (Ginja Kitchen Studio) is a great venue in Durban and hosts many other foodie events from cooking classes to exclusive chef’s tables, and will soon be the venue for my Macaron Classes.

Visit the Dirty Fork Studio website for more information.

Here is the recipe by Chef Jacqui Brown for the dish that we made… ( You can get more recipes using Fry’s products here)

My Creation

Fry’s Schnitzel and Creamy Mushroom Parcels with Mediterranean Vegetables (serves 2)


  • Fry’s Chicken Schnitzel
  • 100g Chopped Mushrooms
  • ¾ Onion
  • 30ml Olive Oil
  • Fresh Thyme, Rosemary & Parsley
  • 250ml Orley Whip
  • 50g Flour
  • 4 Sheets Phyllo Pastry
  • 4 Garlic Cloves Mashed
  • 100ml Soy Milk
  • 50g Melted Butter

 For Vegetables

  • 100g Sweet Potato
  • 100g Butternut
  • 100g Red and Yellow Pepper
  • 100g Baby Marrow
  • ¼ Onion
  • 3 Garlic Cloves
  • Fresh Chopped Rosemary and Thyme


  1. Preheat the oven to 180C
  2. Fry some onions in olive oil until translucent, then add the chopped mushrooms and freshly chopped herbs
  3. In a separate bowl, make a smooth paste with some flour and soy milk
  4. Once the onions and mushrooms have fried off and are nice and fragrant, add the Orley Whip and reduce the heat. Fry for a few minutes for the Orley to take on all the flavours
  5. Add a small amount of the paste at a time, this will make the sauce thicken. Cook until you have a lovely mushroom flavour, it should not be floury.
  6. Place the phyllo on a flat, clean surface and brush with melted butter. Cut into large squares.
  7. Place the schnitzel on the pastry and top with the mushroom sauce, then fold the pastry into parcels.
  8. Place the parcel on a baking tray lines with baking paper and bake for +- 20minutes until golden brown.
  9. For Vegetables: Chop and Cube all ingredients, place on a baking tray. Drizzle with olive oil and season with salt and pepper. Bake for 30 minutes.
  10. Plate up and Enjoy!


Monday Me : #BigFatIndianWedding #ShaunWedsLerina

Our New Year was kicked off with a bang!This past weekend was filled with heaps of excitement as cousin Lerina got married! I love family weddings because they bring in family from far and wide to join in the celebrations and we get the feelings of togetherness that we shared as kids before we had our own kids to run after.

It all kicked off on Friday with the nelengu at 7am! Lerina looked beautiful, even covered in tumeric. The evening nelengu was more formal and  is traditionally more of a last celebration before the wedding day. Again, Lerina looked stunning. She was dressed by Durban duo Mark and Clint and they lived up to all the hype, but then again they had a beautiful canvas to work on.

The nelengu was lots of fun and the highlight was definitely the choreographed father-daughter dance to Desi Girl. It was awesome, and I had no idea that my uncle had those moves in his repertoire! With my Uncle’s band, Global Warming, and a DJ there to entertain us, we all danced away into the night.

The heat was crazy, but with airconditioners on full blast we got ourselves ready for the wedding. It was held at The MTSS Hall in Merebank. Everything was set up to perfection and everyone looked stunning. Everything went exceptionally well and both Shaun and Lerina looked amazing up on stage performing the rituals We took a few selfies while waiting to wish the bride and groom (obviously).

From the brides house, to the groom’s and then to the hotel, it was a whirlwind of an evening that ended with some shooters at around 12:30am. While we are all in need of a good rest, it was an amazing weekend spent with family and an abundance of love.

Well done to the Naidoos and the Rungens on all the hard work and planning coming to fruition. To Shaun and Lerina I wish you both all of the love and best wishes for your many many many years together. Welcome officially to the family Shaun!

You can see more of the photos from the celebrations if you use the #ShaunWedsLerina on Instagram

#SpiceGoddessEvent 2014

Exactly a week ago I was honoured, privileged and most especially lucky enough to be one of the 10 bloggers to attend the first Spice Goddess Event in Durban. It was hosted by the incredibly inspirational SpiceGoddess herself, Verushka Ramasami and motivational speaker, writer and blogger Sue Levy, who flew in from Pretoria for the event. It was held at the Be Pampered Spa in Westville,

I really don’t think that any of us attending had any idea of the amazing day that we were in for. Sue and Verushka had planned every aspect of the event to the T, which I might add was a phenomenal task since all the planning was done via email and phone calls alone. On arrival we were handed lanyards with our names and social media information on it, so that we could easily identify the other bloggers that we occasionally stalk online but haven’t actually met as yet. It was great to see some familiar faces like Fathima, Megan, Faeema and Thina and the new ones, Kerry ,Sasha & Kamini. We also got a delicious mocktail from Fuze Tea ( I would be totally remiss if I didn’t mention the total piece of eye candy that was there to serve the drinks. Hubba Hubba! )


The whole vibe of the day was about unleashing your inner goddess. We were all spoiled with either a massage or a pedicure. Being in desperate need of a pedi I traded my massage for one and I was not disappointed. The pedi room was so beautiful and relaxing you cannot help but feel pampered, and when you’re being served Fuze Tea while you’re getting your feet massaged it doesn’t get an better.


The lovely Faye and Thina getting ready for our pedis


My delicious Pear and Bergamot Fuze Iced Tea


After our pamper session we were served up lunch prepare by the spa. It was scrumptious and each person was able to choose their dish which made it even better. I chose the chicken 🙂


While eating were were given a few tips on reading your man by Mellissa, one of the 2 Mystic Sisters who own the spa. I would never have guessed that you can tell so much from just looking at the dip in a person’s palm of the curve of their thumb.


We were also introduced to awesome brands and were address by representatives from Renew Colour and The Foschini Group who also gave us some amazing products to try out.


There are some amazing Christmas gift specials on the Karl Lagerfeld and Jimmy Choo perfumes at Foschini

The highlight of the day was definitely the talk by Sue. Everyone hung on her every word and I know that there was at least one thing that she said that resonated with every person there. Verushka also imparted some of her wisdom and words of upliftment and I think that by the end of it all we were pretty emotional and it was definitely a bonding moment for all the ladies there.


What I took from the day was this

1. As women and bloggers we need to encourage and uplift each other. Blogging shouldn’t be about cliques and a mean girl mentality, it should be about being a part of a community filled with love and support for one another.
2. Our words are powerful and we need to be careful with what we say. It costs nothing to compliment someone but it could be the kind words that they needed to lift their spirits. Sue had us to an exercise where we complimented each other before we got started and it set the tone for the whole event.
3. We need to fill our ‘love tanks’. This stuck with me the most. In our everyday lives we give a lot of ourselves to others and without getting that love back and filling up our love tanks we are going to get stuck.
4. We need to be grateful. Thank you thank you thank you!

For me the Spice Goddess Event was exactly what I needed after a year of hard work. I left feeling energized but also with an inner calm and my love tank is definitely full up again.

I cannot thank Verushka and Sue enough for organizing the event and really going above and beyond to make it an unforgettable day for each of us. Also thank you to Mellissa and Jayshree for being so warm and hospitable.

As a parting gift we all left with a massive haul of goodies from some amazing companies. I am still a bit taken aback by the volume of it but I expected nothing less from an event that involved the Spice Goddess! I will be doing a separate post on all the items in the goodie bag AND I have an exciting competition in conjunction with the Be Pampered Spa coming up in January, so keep your eyes peeled!

The lovely Fathima from Happiness Is with her haul

The lovely Fathima from Happiness Is with her haul



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Out and About : Havana Grill

Justin and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary last Saturday and he treated me with lunch at Havana Grill at Suncoast.

I love the setup at the restaurant. It’s very light, minimal and airy with a bit of a rustic feel to it.

The waiter showed us to our table and gave us a few minutes to decide on drinks. Justin ordered coffee and I ordered strawberry juice. I’m not a coffee drinker, but his coffee smelled amazing even to me.

For starters we ordered the calamari and the jalapeño poppers. For mains, Justin had a rib eye steak with onion rings, mash and a peri peri sauce on the side and I had the lamb shank with the herb risotto on the side. Its good to note that the steak is 28-day wet-aged free-range grass-fed beef from a farm outside Mooi River in KZN.

To be honest we were a bit taken aback by the portion size and realized that we had ordered way too much food. The portions are very generous and you are definitely getting your money’s worth both in quantity and especially quality.

The calamari was crispy and not over fried or rubbery. The aioli was a great substitute for the run of the mill tartar sauce that is usually served. The poppers were amazing as well. Big, plump and juicy. They oozed cheese when bitten into and the coating was crunchy and oh so yummy.

The Jalepeno Poppers

The Jalepeno Poppers

The Calamari

The Calamari

My delicious Strawberry Juice

My Delicious Strawberry Juice

My lamb shank was served with green beans and on a bed of mash. The meat was lovely and tender and fell off the bone. Although the meat itself was a little low in salt, the gravy balanced it off perfectly. My mouth waters as I think about it now. The risotto was lovely as well, not ashy or stodgy but full of flavour.


Justin’s steak was a perfect medium. Nicely caramelized on the outside and lovely and pink at the centre. The peri-peri sauce was perfectly balanced. There was a nice warmth but nothing to make you go running for the water and the flavour of the sauce was not overpowered by the heat. The mash was smooth and buttery and the onion rings were golden and had a nice zing to them as they were dipped in a spicy bhajia mix.IMG_20141101_133202


We were a bit too stuffed to order dessert ( shock ), and we did take quite a bit of food home with us.

For the parents out there, kids are allowed in before 6pm after which only children over 12 will be served. I understand this, because being in Suncoast Casino they will be busier in the evenings and many patrons would not be expecting the “Spur” experience.

All in all it is a great venue with amazing food and excellent service.

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Monday Me : 03/11/2014

Last week I had decided not to take on any orders because I basically needed a break. There comes a time sometimes when you know that if you don’t take a time out you’re going to burn out.

I really enjoyed the time. I got up to date with all my admin i.e replied to all my emails and sent out all my invoices. Planned my schedule for November and blogged my booty off.( not literally, though I wish it worked like that! ) Ok, so I technically didn’t take a real break from work but I did get to just sit my Justin and the girls and do nothing in the evenings which is something I’ve missed, since my work brain is permanently switched on these days. Also the fact that I didn’t have a cellphone for the week may have helped also.

Justin and I celebrated our 6year anniversary on Friday & Saturday. You probably wonder why 2 days. Well… we had our marriage ceremonies ( yes 2, 1 Hindu and 1 Christian) on the 31 October and our reception was on 1 November. So we make the most of it and celebrate on both days. He are some pictures from 6 years ago.

We went to see Tumi Morake at Suncoast on Friday night with my sisters and their husbands. I absolutely love that woman and I cannot sing her praises enough! She is so uncensored and you feel like you’re sitting and listening to one of your friends when she’s on stage. She was worth every cent and if you haven’t had a chance to see her I recommend you go the next time she’s in your town. I recently went to see another very well known “daywalking” comedian ,and personally, if it was a battle, Tumi would come out on top.

On Saturday we had a lovely lunch at Havana Grill in Suncoast as well. The food and service were amazing and I’ve got a review post lined up all about it. I did feel dweeby taking pictures of our food before we ate but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do 🙂

Justin’s birthday is this Wednesday and it kicks off the birthday season in our family. We have one party a weekend and 2 on the last weekend, one of which is Jasmin and Teyla’s. There are 8 birthdays in total in my immediate family so it’s a very busy and expensive month especially since it’s also the run-up to Christmas. It all ends with my birthday in December and I’ll be 33 this year. I feel like I’m owning my 30s so I’m looking forward to it!

October was a phenomenal month and I have higher hopes for these last 2 months of 2014. Let’s all support the guys doing the Movember challenge and have an awesome November!


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Out & About: The Good Food & Wine Show #GFWS2014

So, what s so great about the Good Food and Wine Show?  Well, in my opinion, everything!

It really is a foodie’s dream come true. Great food, great products and amazing local and international chefs all under one roof and all accessible for the price of a ticket.

I was lucky enough to be given 2 tickets to the show and I coerced Justin into coming along with me as my photographer and carrier of purchased goods 🙂

The setup was very good. The stands were not squashed together so it was easy to navigate the show without having to squeeze past people. And even though it was pouring with rain on the Sunday when we attended, the show was buzzing.

Like I said there were many awesome chefs at the show, and because we could not get to every one, we opted to see Hayden Quinn (Masterchef Australia, Hayden Quinn SA – SABC 3), Reza Mahammed (The Spice Prince_ The Food Network) and Mauro Castano (Cake Boss).

Hayden was up first. He has such an easy relaxed style of cooking that makes you feel like it’s not that hard to make delicious food. First up he made a roasted tomato tart with anchovies and puff pastry. I went up to get a piece and thankfully got no anchovies! It was delicious! I have to give a special thank you to Justin for sitting in the aisle for most of the show just to get me some good shots.


Hayden pointing to me lol


That’s me casually strolling across the stage


A close up of Hayden


Getting my book signed

IMG_6094 IMG_6397

The queue to get my book signed was a bit on the long side so it was straight in to see Reza after that.

I have to say that I have a new appreciation for this man and his skills as not only an entertainer but also chef. His flamboyant mannerisms make him so endearing and everyone hung on his every word. he even managed to throw on a little history lesson on Indian cuisine for us all.


Even Mauro came out to watch and sat right next to us. Justin had a bit of a paparazzi moment.


Reza made stuffed quail with jeweled rice. Believe me when I say that it smelled amazing. So good in fact that it brought Hayden out as well and there was tasting going on with all 3 chefs on stage.

IMG_6287A bit of a photo fail :p

A bit of a photo fail :p


I had to add this photo in! Poor Reza was accosted by a fan who desperately wanted a photo with him. A couple of ladies jumped at the opportunity as well.I think the look on Reza’s face says it all.

IMG_5976Last up in our show lineup was Mauro Castano, right hand man and brother-in-law to Buddy, the Cake Boss.

Being a baker myself I really enjoyed this. He chatted to everyone about how to handle fondant and not to be afraid of it, and make a lovely summer themed cake. He also demonstrated how to pipe buttercream roses. He made it look so easy and simple, until he has some volunteers, including Reza, come up and try and fail hilariously.


Obviously I got a signed book!IMG_6369 IMG_6396Once the shows were done we had a chance to finally walk around the show properly.

A big up to Mishal Mookrey for hosting the MCing the shows in the celebrity theatre. He did a great job of bridging the gap between the chef and the audience.

The highlights for me were definitely:

  • Wicked Donuts!



  • Sugar Tree – Have you ever walked past a place and then had a smell fill your brain and pull you back. That’s what happened here. The aroma of vanilla, cinnamon and sugar was irresistible and they tasted delicious as well.

IMG_6382 IMG_6401

  • Balsamic Beads – Little beads that look like caviar but are actually balsamic vinegar – Genius!
  • Kishmish – I love their cordials!
  • Scoop Me S’mores – Cookie- Ice Cream Sandwhiches… Yes please!
  • Arriba Chocolates – Look at the selectionIMG_6379

There were other stands for kitchen gadgets  and other services and just about anything food related that you may want.

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and the only thing I would do differently and  suggest to anyone visiting next year is to make it a 2 day visit. There are so many great things to do and see and its hard to get it all in on 1 day, especially if you want to see all the chefs in action.

I’m looking forward to next year already!

Good Food & Wine Show

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The Cuppa For Cansa – Part 3 { The Eating, The Talking and The Bidding }

The Cuppa was hosted by me, Viveshni aka Madame Macaron.

IMG_5825The ladies all arrived at Hashtag looking beautiful in their Pink, Black and Bling.

IMG_5522IMG_5609IMG_5550As the chatter of ladies filled Hashtag I could feel that it was going to be a great afternoon. There was a little bit of a space issue but like I had asked in the invite, people did bring an open heart and we made it work.

The ladies were given the first 45minutes to get themselves something to eat and drink. (Did I mention that Hashtag sponsored all the beverages!!) The items up for auction and raffle were also on display, so the ladies had a chance to have a look at them and buy raffle tickets as well.


Far left: The baking kit worth R500 from My Go 2 Girl Centre: The Hamper from Hashtag Awesome worth R500 Right: Ladies Polo Purse worth R550 from Gopals Luggage

Far left: The baking kit worth R500 from My Go 2 Girl
Centre: The Hamper from Hashtag Awesome worth R500
Right: Ladies Polo Purse worth R550 from Gopals Luggage

The voucher for lunch for 2 from Fudart and the Ladies Polo purse from Gopal's Luggage

The voucher for lunch for 2 from Fudart and the Ladies Polo purse from Gopal’s Luggage

The coveted Whistling Tea Kettle From Le Creuset

The coveted Whistling Tea Kettle and 2 mugs, all worth R1070, From Le Creuset

I had decided to do the raffle a little bit differently, so jars were placed in front of the items up for raffle and the ladies could buy a square of paper for R10 that they could write their name on on put in the jar for the item that they wanted.


The vouchers sponsored by Perfect10 (The Crescent) and the bag of goodies from Peg&Pencil


A few of the awesome lot of books donated by Bargain Books

A jar full of macarons

A jar full of macarons

The speakers for the day were:

Marlene Pretorius from the Cancer Association. She chatted to the ladies about breast cancer, the signs of breast caner, how to do a self examination and also on the environmental causes of cancer. All the ladies attending the tea were also offered a free breast exam at the Cancer Association located on Umbilo Road. I was presented with a certificate or recognition for hosting the Cuppa.


The second speaker was Dr.Nishani Maharaj from the Aesthetics clinic in Umhlanga. She spoke to the ladies about the available aesthetic treatments available and also sponsored a voucher for a chemical peel that was auctioned off.

IMG_5736The fun part of the afternoon was definitely the auction. I have to say that the woman at the tea were amazing, giving way above and beyond my expectations, with a great deal of the items being won for more than their retail value.


Things got serious during the auction :p

It wasn’t only the adults bidding but the kids at the event got in on the action as well.

The 2 Le Creuset mugs won for R350

The 2 Le Creuset mugs won for R350

The Angel Heart necklace and bracelt were won for a bid of R650 byt the little miss on the right. My niece on the left was lucky enough to win the raffle for the books from Bargain Books

The Angel Heart necklace and bracelet were won for a bid of R650 by the little miss on the right.
My niece ,Ascharya, on the left was lucky enough to win the raffle for the books from Bargain Books

Here is a breakdown of the winning bids and the items won.

  • R500 – Hamper from Hashtag Awesome Bid R400
  • R500 – Hamper from Rain Africa Bid R400
  • R550 – Polo Ladies Purse from Gopal’s Luggage Bid R700
  • Angel Heart Sterling Silver Necklace&Bracelet Bid R650
  • R770 –  Le Creuset Whistling Tea Kettle Bid R700
  • R260- 2x Le Creuset Mugs Bid R350
  • Designer Arm from Trinket Trove Bid R300
  • R500 – A full makeover from Exclusive Brides Bid R350
  • R690 – Sheba Dress from Captive8 Value Bid R300
  • R500 – Voucher from Aesthetic Makeover Studio Bid R350
  • R600 – Hair care hamper from Perfect 10 The Crescent Bid R400
  • R400 – Moroccan Hair Oil Hamper from Perfect 10 – The Crescent Bid R300
  • R500 – Baking Set from My Go To Girl Bid R400
  • Hamper of Dove Products Bid R300

These were the items up for auction

  • Angel Heart Sterling Silver Bracelet
  • 3 Way Wrap from Trinket Trove
  • Pedicure voucher from Perfect 10- The Crescent
  • Hair Styling Voucher from Perfect Hair- The Crescent
  • Book Hamper from Bargain Books
  • Goodie Box from Peg &Pencil
  • Macaron hamper from Madame Macaron

The spot prizes were 2x Necklaces from Shimmer

Here are some of the winners 🙂



The Cuppa For Cansa -Part 2 { The Setup and Food }

This Cuppa for Cansa was a real labour of love for me. Like I said in my previous post, it started as a way to celebrate Madame Macaron turning 2, but it evolved into so much more.

By Friday night all the goodie bags had been packed. { My sister Saiyuri very generously paid to have the Cuppa For Cansa artwork, that was contributed by Fathima of Happiness Is, printed on the bags.} I had delegated everyone’s duties for the next day, all my lists were printed and I was 90% ready. The whole week had been rainy and overcast and i quietly prayed for the weather to clear up.

Well, my prayers were answered. It rained for most of Saturday morning as I ran around trying to get all the last minute things done, but at around 11:30am the skies cleared and the sun came out. To me it was a good sign that we were going to have a wonderful afternoon.

Setting up was a bit of a mad rush and thank goodness for Niresha and Verushka who helped me set out the cupcakes, donated by Smith’s Bakeshop, and the goodie bags for each lady, while I set up all the wonderful prizes up for auction and raffle.

My wonderfully amazing husband was also on hand as my photographer for the day.

Nicky, from Polkadots and Jellytots, donated her talent to the event to set up the space. In all honesty, Nicky is one of the most innovative event planners I have had the pleasure of working with and I was very lucky to have had there.

I provided the cake, a chocolate sponge with dark chocolate ganache and fresh berries.I’ve named it my Strawbaby ChocChoc Cake.I also made the cakepops, mini cupcakes and macarons filled with white chocolate. Nicky provided the sweets in the jars and the red velvet cupcakes were from Parushinee of My Go 2 Girl.The savoury yummies were provided by Boutique Boulangerie. Kirti was kind enough to sponsor the mini quiches and the balance was sponsored by Jasmin Nights Software Solutions ( aka my husband 🙂 ). All the beverages were provided by Hashtag.

I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

The beautiful treat table

The beautiful treat table


The delicious avouries sponsored by Boutique Boulangerie and Jasmin Nights Software Solutions

The delicious savouries sponsored by Boutique Boulangerie and Jasmin Nights Software Solutions

Each lucky lady received a goodie bag

Each lucky lady received a goodie bag

The beautiful and delicious Strawberry Pavlova Cupcakes contributed by Smith's Bakeshop

The beautiful and delicious Strawberry Pavlova Cupcakes contributed by Smith’s Bakeshop

My Strawbaby Chocolate Chocolate Cake

My Strawbaby Chocolate Chocolate Cake, Cakepops and Macarons


Tomorrow is the final part of these post where I will also post what the final total raised is!


Monday Me: 21/10/2014 – Cuppa For Cansa Part 1

The Monday me was indeed a very tired (hence the late post) yet a very fulfilled me. Months of work came to fruition when I hosted my Cuppa for Cansa this past Saturday for 60 ladies at Hashtag in Windermere.

The idea to host the Cuppa came to me almost as an epiphany. My business turned 2 in October and I wanted a way to celebrate and give back the blessings that I had received over the past 2 years. I tried to think of a way that I could do that and somewhere I saw something about the Cuppa For Cansa initiative by the Cancer Association. So, I went online to The Cuppa For Cansa website and read up all about it.

It’s such a simple yet effective idea.

Host a tea party for your friends and family and raise awareness and funds for the Cancer Association. The great thing is that it doesn’t have to be a big event; it can be just you and a few friends. The key is to raise awareness. You can read up more here.

I had an idea in my head of the type of event that I wanted to host and I chatted to Justin about it. I knew that I wanted to have as much sponsored as possible, so that as much of the funds raised, if not all, would go to the Cancer Association. I also knew that I needed to get items that I could raffle or auction off to raise funds. But first things first, I needed a venue.

I started making lists and then it occurred to me to give Verushka a call. I know that she had been a part of the Durban Blogger meet and hopefully had some ideas to get me started on the road to getting things done. Her input was invaluable as she introduced via email to a host of sponsors, including Trushin from Hashtag, who so very generously and without hesitation contributed the venue as well as beverages for the day. I also chatted to Parushinee, of My Go 2 Girl, who was full of great ideas and brought on board many amazing sponsors as well.

Other businesses came on board one after the other and the different elements of the event seemed to fall into place. The response from the different business which ranged from international companies like Le Creuset to small Durban based businesses like Peg&Pencil, and even businesses from Johannesburg and Cape Town, was overwhelming and so touching.

I will not lie. It was an enormous amount of work that included many late nights, countless emails and what seemed like an endless amount of list, in addition to my normal Madame Macaron work and day job as mother and wife. It was worth it though, because I got the opportunity to connect with so many different people and hear so many of their stories of how cancer has affected their lives. Their stories motivated me even more to make the event something special and it was no longer about celebrating the birthday of Madame Macaron but more about making a change and inspiring people to want to do the same.
There’s a lot that happened at the tea and too much to put into one post so part 2 will be posted tomorrow with pictures of the event.
For now I want to thank all the amazing ladies who attended the tea and the sponsors that came on board to make the event what it was. Each and every one was a vital part of the day.

Here is a list of the sponsor. Please follow them on social media, buy their products, use their services and show them much love for being such amazing and generous businesses and human beings!

· Hashtag
· Le Creuset
· Hashtag Awesome
· PolkaDots and Jellytots
· Happiness Is
· Rain Africa
· Gopal’s Luggage
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xxx Viveshni

Photo credit: Polkadots & Jellytots