Whats’s For Dinner with J’Something & Knorr {Cooking Class in Johannesburg}

Do you ever see these amazing events that are scheduled and can’t wait to book and then realize that it’s in a different city?  Well, when I saw that J’something ( Micasa ) was hosting a cooking class in association with Knorr, I was initially excited, then I was thoroughly bummed that they were being held in Johannesburg and not Durban. Luckily I have one of my oldest and bestest friends living in Gauteng and she has allowed me to experience these events vicariously through her!

Here’s what Namasha had to say about the event… ( You can follow her on Twitter @namz81 )


I had the pleasure of attending the first Knorr What’s For Dinner cooking class with J’Something of Mi Casa. Now when initially asked by Madam Macaron to attend, the fan girl in me immediately said yes! It’s J’Something!..and of course my girlfriends agreed to join me.


Now let me clarify… I love eating…love watching cooking shows… But by no means am I skilled in the kitchen. I’m a cereal and sandwich kinda girl living on my own. Very rarely am I inspired to whip up something amazing.

I arrived at Pick n Pay Good Food Studio ready to get my food on! The evening kicked off with a couple of gremlins in the stove causing a slight delay in getting things going. This however allowed for playful banter with the audience which added to a fun relaxed evening. First up on the menu a yummy Home Style Chicken Stew(Click here for the recipe). All recipes were provided in a nifty little recipe book provided by Knorr that made it easy to follow along as our “chef” whipped up an easy but tasty chicken stew, telling us little stories about his mom’s cooking as well as little tips and tricks to get the best out of your cooking. From how to easily slice and dice an onion to using brown sugar to cut the acidity from tomatoes and cooking rice in the microwave, this novice cook was taking it all in!


With a little break in between the two dishes for the night, the girls and guys got to mingle and chat with J’Something and pop in a selfie or two, all while sipping on complementary bubbly and juice.


Next up…a French Loaf with Cheesy Mince and Mushrooms ( Click here for the recipe)…the ever popular sub, made to look so simple.The best part of this dish was a Bolognaise, dry cook-in-sauce made with sustainably grown tomatoes. Nature’s goodness in a little baggie that makes life easy when making a Bolognaise…so easy that even I was able to recreate this dish!


My last fan girl moment was meeting Seline van der Wat of Masterchef SA fame!😃 After the customary selfie and my raves about Madame Macaron’s Macaron Classes (Have you signed up?)

Finally,it was time to call it a night and collect my goodie bag compliments of Knorr. What I loved most about this evening was that it reminded me that no matter how crazy your day is, with a couple of fresh ingredients and a helping hand from Knorr anything is possible for dinner.

Get all the recipes and more on Knorr’s What’s For Dinner website.

Sign up with SA Culinary Club to find out when is the next cooking class with Knorr and JSomething… R200.00 well spent even if you are a Masterchef!😉

Review: Zoku Fish Slow Pop Maker


Zoku means Family in Japanese and their products really live up to the name, being fun, innovative products for the whole family.

Anyone that reads this blog knows that I have been after the Fish Pop maker for a while, so when I saw that it was back in stock I wasted no time in getting it.

Boy was I not disappointed! The Pop maker comes with 6 different molds, namely  a shark, clown fish, octopus, whale, puffer fish and the awesome Zoku scuba diver. What is cool and adds to the awesomeness of this product is that the pop sticks that come included  have tails that match the pop shapes and reveal a skeleton as you eat the pop. Now really, how cute is that!


The instructions are also so easy and this is clearly a product that even your kids will have no problem using. There are lines showing you the point at which to fill your liquid, and there unique markings on the matching sticks and molds for you to line up so that the feet/ tails are facing in the right direction when you pull your pop out.


The silicone molds pop out easily, and the detailing on the characters is amazing. They take 8 hours in the freezer before they are ready. I suggest waiting the full 8 hours and not being impatient like I was or you may end up with a decapitated diver like i did! Cleaning is simple, just some warm soapy water and you’re done.

IMG_0818IMG_0817It is a product that is well worth the  spend and besides being a real treat for the kids, I know a few adults seem to get a kick out of it as well!

You can basically freeze any liquid to make your pops, so the possibilities are limitless. The lighter colours didn’t translate great into photos but in person the pops are fabulous and I cannot mention the detailing on them enough.

Zoku has a wide range of other products, and if you can’t bear to wait the 8 hours for your fish pops to be done you can always invest in their Quick Pop makers which will have your ice pops ready in 7 minutes.

quick pop maker

Other great products include the Ice Cream maker, Iced Coffee maker and my next purchase, the Slush maker.

Zoku products are sold in 34 countries across the world and you can visit their website , www.zokuhome.com for more information on all of their phenomenal products and recipes as well.


Photocredits; MadameMacaron / yuppiechef.co.za / zokuhome.com

YuppieChef… What to choose!!

I was sent a  R150 voucher by YuppieChef this past week to spend as I please, no strings attached and no minimal order amount. Now you need to understand that I browse through the YuppieChef site like guys ( and girls ) do on “adult” sites. I can spend hours looking and drooling.

So, choosing what to use this voucher for was not the easiest choice for me because I want everything.

Here are a few of my favourites (bear in mind that this is maybe 10% of the wishlist) ….


Le Creuset Ramekins

Batter bowl

Le Creuset Batter Bowl

Zoku Fish Slow Pop Freezer Mould

Zoku Fish Slow Pop Freezer Mould

Magimix Le Glacier Ice Cream Maker

Magimix Le Glacier Ice Cream Maker

Kitchen Craft Blow Torch

Kitchen Craft Blow Torch

KitchenAid Delux Pasta Roller Set

KitchenAid Delux Pasta Roller Set

KitchenAid Toaster

KitchenAid Toaster

LeCreuset 3 Tier Cake Stand

LeCreuset 3 Tier Cake Stand

Ok, so they all cost a bit more than R150 but I think that any one would be worth putting in the extra bucks to have. ( And that’s not just the YuppieChef addict in me talking :p )

So, being the wonderful mother that I am , and the fact that it looks like it’s going to be a scorcher of a summer I decided on the Zoku Fish Slow Pop Freezer Mould but unfortunately it is sold out. So instead I opted for another favourite something that I’ve wanted but not really needed, and for only R49 extra….

Letterpress Cookie Set

YuppieChef is also running a great competiton with the oh so adortable PuppyChef, Bella. Just click on the link below, enter your details and wait to see if you’re a lucky winner! There are only 2 days left to win the Nespresso Machine but there are still 2 weeks to go with amazing prizes up for grabs!

Click Here

Click Above

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Out and About : Havana Grill

Justin and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary last Saturday and he treated me with lunch at Havana Grill at Suncoast.

I love the setup at the restaurant. It’s very light, minimal and airy with a bit of a rustic feel to it.

The waiter showed us to our table and gave us a few minutes to decide on drinks. Justin ordered coffee and I ordered strawberry juice. I’m not a coffee drinker, but his coffee smelled amazing even to me.

For starters we ordered the calamari and the jalapeño poppers. For mains, Justin had a rib eye steak with onion rings, mash and a peri peri sauce on the side and I had the lamb shank with the herb risotto on the side. Its good to note that the steak is 28-day wet-aged free-range grass-fed beef from a farm outside Mooi River in KZN.

To be honest we were a bit taken aback by the portion size and realized that we had ordered way too much food. The portions are very generous and you are definitely getting your money’s worth both in quantity and especially quality.

The calamari was crispy and not over fried or rubbery. The aioli was a great substitute for the run of the mill tartar sauce that is usually served. The poppers were amazing as well. Big, plump and juicy. They oozed cheese when bitten into and the coating was crunchy and oh so yummy.

The Jalepeno Poppers

The Jalepeno Poppers

The Calamari

The Calamari

My delicious Strawberry Juice

My Delicious Strawberry Juice

My lamb shank was served with green beans and on a bed of mash. The meat was lovely and tender and fell off the bone. Although the meat itself was a little low in salt, the gravy balanced it off perfectly. My mouth waters as I think about it now. The risotto was lovely as well, not ashy or stodgy but full of flavour.


Justin’s steak was a perfect medium. Nicely caramelized on the outside and lovely and pink at the centre. The peri-peri sauce was perfectly balanced. There was a nice warmth but nothing to make you go running for the water and the flavour of the sauce was not overpowered by the heat. The mash was smooth and buttery and the onion rings were golden and had a nice zing to them as they were dipped in a spicy bhajia mix.IMG_20141101_133202


We were a bit too stuffed to order dessert ( shock ), and we did take quite a bit of food home with us.

For the parents out there, kids are allowed in before 6pm after which only children over 12 will be served. I understand this, because being in Suncoast Casino they will be busier in the evenings and many patrons would not be expecting the “Spur” experience.

All in all it is a great venue with amazing food and excellent service.

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