Pics of the week: Polkadots and Jellytots

This past weekend I had a great time working on an order for Polkadots And Jellytots.

This party planning and candy buffet styling company is run by Nicky Abrahams and she definitely has a talent for putting things together in the most beautiful way.

The request was for everything is white and and yellow. Not too bright but not too pale either 🙂 I think it all came together beautifully.

She sent me some pictures from the event. I don’t think my products have ever looked this beautifully presented.



The smackaron and other stuff

This post is very long overdue but I’ve been a busy little bee.

I’ve dedicated alot of time recently to creating a fitter, healthier me and unfortunately between my family and business it’s left little time for much else.

The most exciting news is that next month not only will Madame Macaron be 1 year old, but we will be launching our Macaron of the Month Tasting Club. I’m very very excited about this and I’ve been spending alot of time sourcing packaging because the last thing I would want is a box of smashed macarons landing on someone’s doorstep.

I’ve been thinking about doing this for a very long time and all the contemplation is finally yielding something great. I will post more about it next month when all the details are finalized.

The other big news is my creation, The Smackaron!
To be fair is was an accidental creation, but as many have told me, the best things are done by accident.

So what is a smackaron? Only the best thing you will ever taste! I could liken it to a sweetie pie but it’s so much better. So lets say sweetie pie meets macaron. It’s a soft, delicious mound of red velvet macaron mixture (with a tweak here and there), filled with cream cheese frosting and covered in dark chocolate. Need i say more?

If you love macarons you will adore the smackaron.

In case you don’t believe me here was the latest feedback 🙂

“@Amy_mi: Ohhhh my Holy mother of calorie sin!! Finally tasted @madamemacaronsa ‘s red velvet dark choc macaroons! Heaven! I need more!”


Spread the Love

I’m always being asked for either a recipe for macarons or on tips when making them. So I’m sourcing as many different recipes as I can for everyone to try out. It took me quite a few tries, different recipes and tweaks to get it right and I realized that different recipes for work different people. So this is a chance for you to try out the different recipes and see which suits you best. I’ll also include tips that I’ve picked up along the way that have helped me.

I am by no means an Adriano Zumbo or Pierre Hermes, but I do have a passion for what I do and what better way to express that than by sharing what I know. I will try to make it a weekly blog piece and I have a lot of other fun stuff and recipes in the works as well, so stay tuned 😉

I would love feedback and pictures of your attempts so that I can share.

Happy baking!