HumpDay Help: How To Get Perfect Cupcakes

hump day help

While “working” on Pinterest I came across this tip that I think is awesome and I thought would be perfect for today’s post.

So, for all the cupcake lovers, here is a simple way via Foodista, on how to get the perfect cupcakes every time. 2011

For those of us baking in the land of Degree Celcius: 350F = 180C / 325F = 160C

If those perfectly risen cupcakes are still evading you, you may want to check out my post on My Top 5 Reasons Your Cakes May Be Flopping.

Here is also a simple Cupcake Recipe that you may want to try.

Please leave me a comment and let me know if you are enjoying these HumpDay Hints and finding them useful. I would love to hear from you xxx

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Hump Day Help: Almond flour vs Almond powder

hump day help

I was out shopping the last week, getting supplies for my weekly orders, and the cashier at the store that I was buying my almonds from asked me if almond flour and almond powder were the same thing. They apparently have a lot of people coming in to buy almond flour but only stock powdered almonds and had no idea if there was a difference

So here are the facts.

Almond flour, almond powder and almond meal are all the same thing. If you look on the packaging the only ingredient listed should be almonds. If there is anything else besides almonds flour listed you cannot use it in a recipe that calls for almond flour.

I go through kilograms of almonds a month, making macarons, so here are a few tips on how to store and even make your own almond flour/ powder/ meal if you’re having a problem finding it in stores.

Almond flour can be stored for up to a year in an airtight container in a cool dry place. Almonds are very oily nuts and storing them in a hot area is going to bring out the oils, which you don’t want.

If you do find that your almond flour becomes oily you can rectify the problem by running the almond flour with a tablespoon of the icing sugar or other dry ingredient that you’re baking with in the food processor.

You can freeze your almonds to keep them fresher for longer but remember to bring them to room temperature before using them.

If you want to make your own almond flour all you need are almonds and a food processor. Be sure to Blanche the almonds.
This means
1. Bring a pot of water to the boil
2. Drop in your raw almonds
3. Remove immediately and drain
4. Rinse them in cold water to cool them
5. Dry the almonds with paper towel
6. Squeeze the skin off the almonds
7. The end 🙂

Happy baking

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Humpday Help : Buttermilk Cheat

hump day help

There are many recipes that call for buttermilk as one of their ingredients. Now the average person doesn’t (I’m assuming ) have a carton of buttermilk hanging out in their fridge, and if the urge to bake strikes and you are using a recipe that needs buttermilk I’m sure that a trip to the store just for one ingredient may cause some of us to put our baking off for another day.

I’ve been in the situation many times and with some research I found that there is a cheat that you can use AND it’s so simple.

For every cup of buttermilk you need : 1 cup of milk + 1 Tbsp of vinegar                                    Let the vinegar sit in the milk for a few minutes so that it can work it’s magic and you’re good to go.

You may ask why you cant just add the milk. Well my guess is that your recipe also asks for baking soda/ bicarbonate of soda and like I explained in my post about baking powder vs baking soda , you need an acid for the baking soda to react with. The milk alone is neutral, so that alone will not work and your cake won’t rise as it should, hence you need the vinegar as well.

I’ve used this countless times and it’s worked great for me.I hope this hint helps and if you try it, please leave me a comment about how it worked for you.

xxx Viveshni