We begin again… again!


So, starting this week I will be picking up on the blog series that I started last year. 2016 was and still is a year that has kept me extremely busy, hence the lack of activity on the blog side of things.

I will be kicking it all off with the 3rd installment of the Macaron Files, on Wednesday. If you missed the first 2, you can do a bit of catching up here…

The Macaron Files: Tip #1 and The Macaron Files: Tip #2

I also have a delicious recipe from Faeema, better known as Fay in The Maze that I’ve been keeping to myself for a while now for my Blogger Recipe Series.

There is so much left to share and I am happy to have you here with me!


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Honey, I’m Home!

After what I’m going to call a 6 month hiatus for this blog (and not just laziness and a lack of time), I’ve decided that it’s time to pull up my socks, put on my big girl pants etc. etc. and give it a big ol’ smooch to wake it from it’s slumber.

I’ve had time to think about what I want out of this blog and why I lost the motivation to write, and it turns out that it was that I had forgotten this was and is my blog. Madame Macaron’s little space on the  internet to post about whatever catches my fancy and not to conform to what I thought was expected.

So, there will still be all of my favourites like the Blogger Recipe Series and The Macaron Files included, but expect a few more  posts about places I’ve been, things that I’m doing and stuff that I love.

I hope that you enjoy all the new content, and if you do, that you take a minute to leave a comment and let me know.

So belated Happy New Year. Let’s do this 🙂

xxx Viveshni


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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

I was nominated by Jane Kilian Shaw who was nominate by Sandy Nene to share these random fact with you. So here it goes.

  1. I have twin 5 year old daughters, Jasmin and Teyla, who are named after Princess jasmin from Aladdin and Princess Teyla Emmagen from the SciFi series Stargate Altantis (yes we are geeks 🙂 )
  2. I am a stationery addict and love crafting. ( This includes the hoarding of washi tape, paper, pens, mini pegs, jars… the list goes on.)
  3. I’ve been married to my awesomely amazing husband Justin for the past 6 years and we met in the most random manner on MSN Messenger 10 years ago.

4. I love travelling and I’ve visited over 20 cities around the world, some of my favourites being Rome, Venice ( despite the stinky gondola ride), Lucerne and Kuala Lumpur.

5. I suffer from motion sickness in the worst way, whether it’s a car, bus, plane, train or boat. More recently have had bouts of vertigo (yay me!).

6. I’m a procrastinator of note and have the memory of a goldfish, so I have several calendars stuck up around my house to remind me of deadlines,orders and tasks to complete.

7. I like doing things in odd numbers. (Yes, I’m weird like that)

8. My favourite smell is cinnamon, so cinnamon anything FTW!

9. I’m lactose intolerant, but I love dairy products, so I eat now and deal with the consequences later.

10. I’ve never been into baking as a child, teenager or even young adult. I really only started baking three and a half years ago while I was a stay at home mum.

That’s about it 🙂

xxx Viveshni

The Inaugural Macaron Class

Taking a leap of faith is always a scary business, especially when its wok related. The sweet taste of success, though, is all the more better when it all works out:)

The decision to start doing lessons was something that I deliberated over for a very very long time. I had my moments of self doubt and anxiety, but ultimately I realized that I am good at what I do and I love sharing my passion with others. So that is just what I did! I had the aprons and tote bags printed, the note books made and sent out the booking information for the classes.IMG_5360IMG_5451IMG_5404-0IMG_5355-0

My first class took place last Saturday ( 11 April 2015) at The Dirty Fork Kitchen Studio in Durban North. Let me start by saying that the kitchen is AHmazing! Although it was not 100% smooth sailing ( teething problems are inevitable), it was, in my eyes, a great success. My goal was to create the type of class that I would want to attend. So a relaxed, fun and informative environment. I was lucky to have an amazing group of enthusiastic and fun ladies who were ready to learn and not shy to ask questions.

While waiting for the macarons to rest and then come out of the oven the ladies were treated to a presentation by Kirsty-Anne from Peg&Pencil who showed us all a few great ideas on how to gift our macarons.The gift packs that she has put together are amazing and made the stationery addict in me squeal in delight! I mean, how can you not love the macaron gift tags! She is seriously talented so go check out her website.


After some coffee, tea, cupcakes and macarons ,and of course some chatter, the ladies were ready to get their macarons out of the oven and the results were phenomenal. For many of the ladies, this was their first time making macarons, but they had beautiful feet and lovely shiny shells (yay!!). Everyone had a chance to get in touch with their inner child and decorate their macarons.(something that is a favourite activity of mine.)


We never really know what the future holds for us, we can only keep an eye on the prize and work toward it. Teaching the class was awesome and the look on the ladies’ faces when they had their perfect macarons at the end makes me wish that I could do a class every day. All in all it was a fabulous morning. I had an amazing time imparting my knowledge to the ladies that attended and I’m looking forward to the next class on the 25th.

The next class is next Saturday, 25 April. There are 3 seats left if you would like to learn the art of macaron making and have fun while doing it. There is also a special interactive Mother’s Day demo class and High Tea on 9 May 2015 and on the drawing board are classes on macaron fillings, novelty macarons, cake baking and cupcakes.

I will be doing a follow up post on the feedback from the ladies that attended the class as well as one showcasing the amazing set up by Kirsty-Anne and the styled photo shoot that she did using my macarons.

Also use #MMacaronClass to see what else happened at the class and to checkout future classes!


Photo credit: Featured photo – Peg&Pencil

Monday (Wednesday) Me : A New School, A New Weigh & A New Me

So, this past week my 2 babies girls started Grade R. I’m still a little in denial that they are growing so quickly before my eyes and soon won’t be needing me as much as they do now. While my holiday officially ended the previous Monday, I was on a bit of a go-slow with them being at home and still in holiday mode, but this week was full steam ahead. I think that it will take them a bit of time to adjust from the Montessori way of teaching to a completely scheduled day, but if the 1st week is anything to go by, I think that that they will be just fine.


In keeping with my New year resolution to be the best version of myself, I’ve started the A New Weigh –  Fat To Fit Challenge. It is a programme and challenge created by Gaelyn Cokayne, who, working with a medical doctor, personal trainer, psychologist and nutritionist, put together an eating plan and workout schedule to help people finally reach and maintain their goal weight by eating real food and without the use of pills and shakes.


The great thing is that during the 12 weeks of the challenge there is a small community of people supporting and encouraging each other on a dedicated Whatsapp group and Facebook page. Having completed a week in the challenge I think that this support from the other participants and from Gaelyn, who herself has lost an incredible 35kgs, is one of the key factors that make this such a great programme to follow. There is someone to answer your questions and provide support and encouragement when you feel yourself slipping. It’s different people, leading different lives, but with the same goal and experiencing the same difficulties.

As for the food. All I will say is that I’ve been on this weight loss road for most of my life and I have never had a menu as easy to follow as this. My meals have been filling, satiating and above all yummy. Because really… chicken, rice and potato  or even better pizza for dinner on diet! Yes please!!



So with one week over and my first weigh in done…

My weight loss for the week is: 2.2kgs
Cm lost: 22.5cm ( I measured 3x to be sure)

Woohoo! I have been walking and sitting much like a geriatric since heading back to the gym but I’m focused and determined to make a positive and permanent change. Here’s to the next 11 weeks 🙂

This blog will also be undergoing a few changes. Now that the girls are older and I’m spending more time with other adults, doing things that adults do, I’m going to be including more than just food posts on the blog and rebranding to make it more of a lifestyle blog, so that it encompasses more of my interests apart from the goodies that I bake. The sales part of Madame Macaron will move to http://www.madamemacaron.co.za, but there will still be a link here.
It is a work in progress,so it will take a while for the changes to take full effect and I hope that you enjoy the new direction.

Please let me know what you think of the pending changes.

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Win With Madame Macaron and Be Pampered Spa


Jayshree and Mellissa, better know as the Mystic Sisters, are well know here and as well as abroad. These wonderful sisters opened the Be Pampered Spa with the community in mind. The fantastically affordable packages and their signature buy 1 get one free specials means that the feeling of wellness and relaxation that accompanies a spa treatment is now available to more people than previously.

I was lucky enough to be treated to a pedicure and lunch at the spa during the Spice Goddess Event that was held there in December, but by no means was I unaware of its presence prior to that. My sister and her husband had booked a spa evening (because the spa is open until 9pm!) and had raved about not only the value for money but also the quality of the treatments and the yummy food, made to order at the spa. I found out from Jayshree during my visit that even my parents had booked and enjoyed a spa day with them.

The spa is beautifully set up ,and Jayshree has really cultivated the spa into a tranquil sanctuary to relax and rejuvenate the mind, body and soul. Jayshree’s motto is: “Heal Yourself – Heal Your community. Helping people to heal by focusing on their wellness helps to build stronger, positive individuals, creating happy & healthy lifestyles.”

Trust me when I say that the Be Pampered Spa is doing everything to live up to those words.

In the spirit of wellness and getting 2015 off to a happy, healthy start, in conjunction with the Be Pampered Spa, I will be giving away a spa package for 2.

The spa is located in Durban, so the competition is only open to those that are able to redeem the prize in Durban.

What’s up for grabs?

be pampered spa competiton

How to enter:

Qualifying Entry

1. Follow this blog

For additional entries: ( Important: Be sure to leave a comment below and list all the ways that you entered )

2. Follow @madamemacaronsa and @be_pamperedspa on Twitter and tweet “ I want to win the ‘Absolutely Amazing” spa treat for 2 with @madamemacaronsa and @be_pamperedspa http://wp.me/p2Myuu-4tv
3.Like Madame Macaron SA on Facebook
4. Follow Madame Macaron SA on Instagram

The competition closes on 22 January 2015 at 10pm and the winner will be announce on 23 January 2015 here and contacted via email thereafter.

In the mean time you can head over to check out all the specials available at the Be Pampered Spa on www.bepamperedspa.co.za or contact them for more information.

Tel: 0829545804 / 0312622572
BBM pin:2B068BD8
Address : 49 Chearsley Rd, 3629 Westville

Get entering and may the odds be ever in your favour!

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Please note:

• The prize cannot be exchanged for cash
• The packaged cannot be exchanged or traded for another
• The winner will be chosen via random.org
• The decision will be final

***This competition is now closed***

Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!

I would like to wish all those celebrating today a very Merry Christmas! 🎄

I hope that your day if filled with love and joy.

I will be back in January and Madame Macaron will re-open on the 12th, so until then, have a safe and prosperous New Year and much love to all of you that take the time out to read and subscibe to my blog. It means the world to me. 💛😘



Monday Me : 03/11/2014

Last week I had decided not to take on any orders because I basically needed a break. There comes a time sometimes when you know that if you don’t take a time out you’re going to burn out.

I really enjoyed the time. I got up to date with all my admin i.e replied to all my emails and sent out all my invoices. Planned my schedule for November and blogged my booty off.( not literally, though I wish it worked like that! ) Ok, so I technically didn’t take a real break from work but I did get to just sit my Justin and the girls and do nothing in the evenings which is something I’ve missed, since my work brain is permanently switched on these days. Also the fact that I didn’t have a cellphone for the week may have helped also.

Justin and I celebrated our 6year anniversary on Friday & Saturday. You probably wonder why 2 days. Well… we had our marriage ceremonies ( yes 2, 1 Hindu and 1 Christian) on the 31 October and our reception was on 1 November. So we make the most of it and celebrate on both days. He are some pictures from 6 years ago.

We went to see Tumi Morake at Suncoast on Friday night with my sisters and their husbands. I absolutely love that woman and I cannot sing her praises enough! She is so uncensored and you feel like you’re sitting and listening to one of your friends when she’s on stage. She was worth every cent and if you haven’t had a chance to see her I recommend you go the next time she’s in your town. I recently went to see another very well known “daywalking” comedian ,and personally, if it was a battle, Tumi would come out on top.

On Saturday we had a lovely lunch at Havana Grill in Suncoast as well. The food and service were amazing and I’ve got a review post lined up all about it. I did feel dweeby taking pictures of our food before we ate but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do 🙂

Justin’s birthday is this Wednesday and it kicks off the birthday season in our family. We have one party a weekend and 2 on the last weekend, one of which is Jasmin and Teyla’s. There are 8 birthdays in total in my immediate family so it’s a very busy and expensive month especially since it’s also the run-up to Christmas. It all ends with my birthday in December and I’ll be 33 this year. I feel like I’m owning my 30s so I’m looking forward to it!

October was a phenomenal month and I have higher hopes for these last 2 months of 2014. Let’s all support the guys doing the Movember challenge and have an awesome November!


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